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the film would become an american classic. we said hello to scar face 30 years ago today. >> we talk about how you might deal with a web cam on your -- put a ban dade on band -- band dade on it. >> pileups and grounded flights as a fierce winter storm slams the east coast and it's not over by a long shot. >> snow, freezing rain, even cases of fog, a lot of it, reeking havoc up and down the east coast. tens of thousands of folks without power. up to a foot of snow in some parts bringing traffic to a halt. and we're all over it. our meteorologist on more nasty weather on the way, and the potential hit to holiday sales. we begin with david in the thick of it all. >> reporter: looks like, here we go again, neil.
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a snow alert has now been issued by new york city for 6:00 tomorrow. what that means is they're now readying the salt spreaders, the blues and chains for possible -- the plows and chains for possible use. meanwhile, much of the east digging out from the snowstorm over the weekend, eight and a half inches of snow fell at the airport in philadelphia. that is more snow than philly saw all last year, and on a stretch of the pennsylvania turnpike sunday, more than 50 cars and trucks were in a chain collision. one man was killed after leaving his vehicle, and three other people died in weather-related accidents in arkansas and tennessee. more than 1600 flights were cancelled across the country. one of the hardest hit airports, dallas-fort worth, where 350 flights were cancelled. fedex, which has a hub in dallas, is rerouting packages, another shipper, ups, says safety comes first when the weather is hazardous, add something customers might notice a delay of a day or two, and the
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storm left many in the dark. hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses lost power. more than a quarter million utility customers in texas alone were without power. and lastly, some analysts say the storm could make a dent when it comes to christmas shopping. instead of looking for gifts, some analysts point out that some shoppers may be more concerned now with looking for things, mundane things like shovels and other necessities, recovering from the last storm and preparing for the next. neil? >> david lee. never underestimate the power and the beaut you of a shovel. we'll have more on the retile fallout. now to janice dean in the weather center where we go from here. janice? >> let's look at it. this system is exiting the northeast coast, but we have another that is waiting in the wings. we have this frontal bridge, -- frontal boundary and we have
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waves of low pressure, mainly a rain event in the mid-atlantic here's the next wave of pressure. the wintry mix, freezing rain and/or sleet again over the same areas we saw of the weekend. so, d.c., philly, new york, and just note, this is 8:00 a.m., 10:00 a.m., as people are trying to head in, and the roads are going to be slippery because the temperature is right around the freezing mark. it's going to be a quick mover, but it's going to cause a lot of problems, and we already have delays at the airport. just going to continue to be that way overnight good tomorrow. here's your forecast. snowfall. we think anywhere from one to three inches. several inches for d.c., philadelphia, new york, you're right on the cusp here, and then' in towards new england and the great lakes. so, even though it's not a huge blockbuster storm, it's just going to add more salt to the wounds. travel troubles again, tuesday certainly. we clear out wednesday, thursday, but lochte temperatures.
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22 in boston. 28 in new york. 26 for d.c. deep freeze across much of the country. in some cases 40 degrees below average for this time of year. >> man, oh, man. janice, thank you very much. stay warm. let's just say the last thing that retailers needed, or frantic holiday shoppers wanted. fedex reporting a possible delay and possible disruption in 15 states. how bad will this get? >> usually we can anticipate a couple storms during the holiday season, but the reason why this is so important now is because retail sales over the thanksgiving weekend weren't exactly what we thought they would be. we thought they would be bigger. they weren't, and now we're going to start seeing retailers scramble to reach the customer dollars to buy the merchandise. >> wouldn't they do a lot of stuff online and might they be more inclined to buy more because they're home and have nothing else to do? >> you think. but a lot of the retails don't
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have the infrastructure set up for online. wal-mart has had an online presence since 2000 but amazon had that infrastructure and is really taking the mark share from wal-mart's online shopper. so, what wal-mart and target and all of those big box stores that don't have the online infrastructure really set up to the point where amazon has it set up, they want to make sure they get those people in the brick and mortar stores. so that means the stores you walk in, drive over to, walk in, purchase items -- >> you've might but -- >> well, i buy a lot of my stuff online, too, but they really want to get that traffic in there. so this may spell trouble for them as we get through the season. >> you mentioned on the break the possibility that this leads to power outages, this the last thing you're worrying about is whether you're going to be getting your significant other a nice present. ow might just want to get through this without the power going out. >> absolutely. we heard a lot of these shovels, the power -- the generators will
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be sold. as an analyst, now we're looking at home depot stock and lowe's. that's going to be selling. but you're right. customers aren't going to be concerned with buying gifts when that's power outages happening across the country. definitely in the south, dallas and memphis throughout the south there over the weekend. >> so unprecedented for them. >> absolutely. and you saw in los angeles, the temperatures were 37 degrees so it's a deep freeze across the country. >> amazing. thank you very minute. from one storm to another. forget sticker shock from higher premiums, it's the high-popping deductibles in the healthcare law. talk about 5,000 more for individuals and 10,000 buck for couples. we're going to hear what home depot founder thinks of this at the bottom of the first. first to byron york on this sudden sticker shock that is shocking a lot of folks because they didn't expect it. what are we seeing? >> it's really quite a shock to a lot of people.
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all the talk we have had up until now has been about premiums that people pavement president claimed obamacare would save the family $2,500 a year he was talking about premiums. that didn't happen. and now we're fining that people are getting into really high deductibles, $5,000, $10,000, $12,000 for a couple, and when that happens, if you're a couple and you have to pay a $10,000 deductible and you don't have a big health crisis during a year, you're paying for all of your healthcare costs under obamacare, and people are saying, wait a minute. this is not what we thought would happen. >> what is interesting -- you're quite right, we have been focusing on what's my premium questioning to look like, but when you go to the car deal and he gives you a monthly payment and it doesn't factor in the fact you have to pay more up front to get the monthly payment, and then the buyer's remorse. do we get to the point where we'll get buyers to have remorse or just throw up their hands and
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look elsewhere? >> we haven't gotton to the point where enough people have new policies policies and are experiencing how the policies work to cause any political affect right now. but "the wall street journal" did a new piece today about the sticker shock with deductibles, and they talked to people in hospitals who expect that fewer people will actually get treatment at hospitals abuse they'll have to pay the whole thing. if they have a $5,000 bill and a $7,500 detectable, they have to pay the whole bill, and they expect that actually fewer people will get coverage and they expect more unpaid bills. >> what about people who might try to front-loafed it right now before the year is out to take advantage of whatever they can now before the higher deductibles kicky in. >> the poll i sis you have -- policies you have to purchase by december 23rd go into effect january 1st. so that won't happen. so anytime somebody sees a $10,000 deductible they see
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they're going to be paying for most of their health coverage. >> argument by bill clinton and others, give this four or five months and this will sort itself out. what if it doesn't? >> i don't personally think it will because first of all we have seen all of this dislocation in the individual market. that's 10 million people. but a lot of experts say that the small group market, which is businesses that employ between five and -- excuse me -- two and 50 people, they're going to have the same sort of problems coming up in the next year. that's a much bigger group, 45 million people. so the idea that this is all just going to settle down is probably not well-founded. >> amazing. thank you, my friend. byron york. probably not exactly a fox alert to say republicans want to stick a syringe in obamacare and be done with it, but maybe it is an alert to say the republicans have alternatives to obamacare if the media would report on it.
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including one tom price who has one out forever. his plan already has been scored to save taxpayers $2 trillion over the next ten years, but you don't hear anything about it. the way the main stream media likes it. as you know, congressman, the white house would say, i'm all for hearing the republicans offer alternatives but they're just interested in tearing mine apart you. must wince and more when you hear that. >> the president said this week and at a committee meeting i held up the first page of our bill and said, mr. president what he was a positive plan that puts patients and families and doctors in charge and give me a call and gave my phone number. amazingly the president hasn't called yet. this is so sad because the american people t think there isn't an alternative to where we are and there is. there positive solutions that don't require washington in charge of our health care.
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>> does your include coverage ultimately for everyone? how do you do it? >> we believe it does. we were put in place deductions, credits, advancible credits, refundable credits so everybody has the financial feasibility and wherewithal to purchase the coverage they want for themes and their family, novelty that the government forces them to buy. we saw the insurancer challenges. affordability and preexisting, not lose your insurance if you changer job, and preexisting illnesses. don't have to put the government in charge and dictate to people when the they must have. you can allow people to pool together and we can do that by safing $2.34 trillion in the first ten years and not raise your taxes one penny. >> you know, when it comes to the president's plan and what's going to happen to it, congressman, tom delay, the former republican leader of the house, was telling me, don't even venture trying to fix it. it's a disaster. republicans should not try to repair it.
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even if it gave the impression that republicans are just out to oppose something, not create something. how do you bridge that gap between kicking the president's plan down the road, saying it's a disaster, and starting fresh, which would be your approach. >> exactly. we do need to start fresh because the first step out of the chute from the president's plan is the government runs things and the american people are seeing what that gets you. the republicans in the house, we in the house fought as hard as we could to delay this defun it, repeal it. the american people know that. now the american people are seeing this rollout, and why we fought so hard. increasing rem mums, decreasing access, the higher deductibles. this is phenomenal for the american people. >> do you think the president new -- i'm sorry -- new all this was coming? >> whether he did or not, he should have known. the president clearly doesn't appreciate insurance markets, how insurance works, thinks that government can solve these
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things differently than the private sector. the fact of the matter is that's not true. whether he did or not doesn't make a whole lot of difference. he should have known, and the disruption he is caughting. i'm a former physician. i practiced medicine for over 20 years. the disruption for the men and women trying to care for patients is astounding: you have people looking for the exits trying to make certain they can just survive, not participate in these exchanges and the government program. >> congressman, thank you very much. there are alternatives, like yours, that have been out there for a long, long time. so everytime you hear, they bash and don't come up with ideas, they're out there. you can take them or leave them. the view groom democrats is to leave them but not like they're not offer. think you'll never be in the top 2%? what if i told you during the course of your life there's a one in five chance you can. why is the media saying it's a
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big problem?
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>> ever want to be in the top 2%? 21% of americans have been there, making 250,000 bucks it takes to be among the rare identified few. good news. not if you're the main stream media. to quote the "associated press," this little known group my be the biggest barrier to income equality. monica? >> the united states has always been an aspirational society. we aspire to get into the 2% or 1%. america was built on the concept of equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome. if you want equality of outcome there are socialists and communist sim which is what the left pushes. that's what you see in the speech by "associated press" or speeches for five years best
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barack obama, this wealth redistribution. >> last week the president talk about income inequality and it was more mobile upside -- he started railing -- are you serious? there's things i don't need official data. you're blowing smoke. this is america. people make it all the time in this country. what is really creating a problem, high taxes -- >> way to narrow the gap. >> we got the income inequality gap. this this president's idea of making it better. are you serious? how about this. taking the rungs out of the ladder. when you add these high taxes, high regulations, when you demonize success, when you think that everyone wants to crawl out of poverty into lower middle class and pay the bills week-to-week, if you think that's the american dream, your
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kidding yourself. >> the opposite of income inequality is income equality, and when you think you need to use the levers of power of the before government in order to coerce equality, that's what communism is about. so he is arguing for european style socialism. >> his presidency and everywhere where the democrats control. it's easy. california, new york, new jersey, washington, dc, wherever they control and have controlled, those. your greatest income inequality gaps. the rich can get richer, but the president doesn't talk about america as a place where there are great opportunities now -- >> well, wealth is always -- >> a war on wealth and a war on success. so all of the policies that charles just laid out, it's so true. not only are they massive wealth we distribution scheme us but
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they're war on achievements so the policies are designed to disencentavos people from working hard. >> raising the minimum wage not to other 5 -- 15 bucks. can you force that, bring them together by forcing them together? >> no, you can't. look, first all, it's a disingenuous arguement to talk about lower wages will resolve the income inequality gap. that has to be resolved through individual hard work. there are avenues for success in this country. flipping burgers at mcdonald's isn't one of them. >> everytime you say that -- >> two million stem jobs going begging. last year the federal reserve did a survey. employers say we can't find quality workers. they're doing foreign exchange student programs to get people who can do the engineering jobs
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we're not training americans to do. >> you're 100% right. >> really, 100%? >> charles and i agree on most things. after five years of this presidency, there's not much of a mid-here -- a mystery here, and if you're still wondering who the guy is, i can't happen you. his policies are designed based on class warfare and massive wealth redistribution, totally ideological, not practical. >> they're self-made americans. >> put you both as maybe on the president. you want proof that neither party is getting serious about the dough we o? consider the half baked plan of the lawmakers right now.
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we hit a record on the today. this is something that is more akin to something like average investments, the dow speaks of 500 companies, mirrors the broad u.s. economy and right now with today's gain, 39th record close of the year. an average that is now on pace for 27% gain year to date. so not too shabby. meanwhile, the budget deadline is nearing and it's looking like any plan to attack the nation's debt is dead on arrival. everytime i have you here, you make a lot of sense. both sides, come on, guy, talk the talk and walk it, and they don't. what's the problem. >> it's interesting. they're actually beginning to hear us. you have a small budget agreement that is looming. >> what do you mean? >> very tiny. but they're understanding they cannot go back to the fiscal
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crisis. we cannot get ourselves in that position and they're feeling the pressure. >> so if they avoid that but they come through with no broad budget agreement on entitlements and kick that can down the road. for a guy looking at long-term getting our act together, get to to be disconcerting. >> absolutely is. we have to take small steps and hey have to demands of ourselves, not of them, but of our ourselves, don't accept the politics of blame and politics of kicking the can down the though street. we have to hold them accountable and that's why you're seeing this as the first step. i argue the group i'm involved in, no, is arguing we need a national strategy. we need to come together as clinton and goodrich good -- gih did. >> we need a whole new gang. >> you're right and if it's not
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possible, we need to vote them out. this is not serving the country. as a businessman i know come ticks -- competition -- >> what do you care? washington has slowed its spending down, and runs like to say, look walt we have -- look what we have done, slowed the momentum. >> we live in great uncertainty. live in times when many companies are afraid to make investments. we live in uncertainty where we have millions of citizens looking for jobs. 83% of americans are concerned that our best times are behind us. these are serious, serious times, and we need to confront that, and we need to figure out how to compete in the word. we cannot operate in a world in which many of the nation states we compete will will have multie decade plans and we can't get it
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together for the next quarter. >> some say double the minimum wage. >> it's a problematic solution. for me personally, if the minimum wage goes up, it's another cost, another form of inflation. >> would you hire fewer workers. >> probably not. we did the same thing with the affirmative -- the affordable care act. well view it as costs. >> the affordable care act is costing you business. >> it's actually less at this point for us. >> for you and -- >> we had always offered benefits to again with so it's incremental effect on us is less. many of our competitors are affected to it by a great degree more. >> for the fortune 500 times, ibms, and are now having to crunch the numbers a year from now and might jettison millions of the workers, to these exchanges, private or otherwise.
1:29 pm
what do you envision? >> i think that many of my corporate peers are going to make decisions they perceive is in the best interests of their country. my own personal view is at some point we have to ask yourselves what our responsibilities as citizens? it isn't always about shareholder value and the most narrowess form, and that ultimately we as corporate leaders distract profits from these communities, we have to be -- >> minimum wage, not double the minimum wage. >> i personally would support a higher minimum wage. >> how high? >> i think it's less a question of a dollar or two. i think it's important to apply to everybody equally. that's the important point. >> got you. ron, good seeing you again. thank you very much. if chris christie makes it to the white house he just might have this guy to thank. he has never taken no for an answer, and you can belt the self-made millionaire isn't even considering one for the governor
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now. why his love for the gov and his full-court press for corporate america to get on board right now?
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now time for one of my favorite guest, point, click, glitch, the federal obamacare is deeming some people eligible for medicaid when they're clearly not. leaving those folks with little time to fix the situation or look anywhere else. everyone else with more fear they're going to be paying for
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this whether they're part of the medicaid switch or not. home depot founder and, ken langon. it's good to have you here. >> how are you, neil? >> this health care thing. >> it's a mess but we have other problems we need to address. look at detroit. a very ominous story there about pensions, about the affordability of pensions, about an exodus of people, two million, down to 700,000 people in 25 years. generational theft. all ties into the same thing, entitlements and benefits. >> the healthcare thing part' parcel the same, government will give you what you want but -- >> it's a simple equation. the insurance companies have to bet the money to pay out benefits. they're banking on young people to commit -- by the way, sam and
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jeff are making a very focused effort to get young people to wake up to what is going to happen to them and their children 50 years from now when the well will be dry. this generational theft -- >> the young are getting cynical, maybe because they've been crunching the numbers themselves. politically where does this group good. >> they want to go where there's accountability and a reasonable understanding of the future. >> do the republicans offer that? be very forthright. i'm disappointed in republican leadership in washington. very. >> including speaker boehner. >> includes everybody. no exclusions. for example, all these things we heard about, benghazi, the irs, "fast & furious." where is there a special prosecutor to investigate this? understand something. nixon's impeachment articles
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said he tried to use the irs, and the irs would have no part of it. in this case the irs did it. they targeted organizations based on their politics. >> do you think the president gets a pass by the media? >> absolutely. everybody is afraid of them. >> is that less so now? >> no. the public -- the numbers are the pub, not the media, not his opponents. not the republican party. he should be held to account. but, neil, the billing -- the big thing -- we're going to get there but with a lot of pain but if we don't address generational theft and understand that we're taking and robbing from children who have not been born yet, and guys like me, to get $4,000 -- my wife and i get $4,000 a month from the government? where is the logic? >> social security in. >> yes. yes. >> do you take the social security? >> we give it to charity, because if i try to give it
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back, they'd spend it. >> you -- >> i love them. >> behind the scenes in front of the escapes, pushing for him to run for president. opted not to. now you're really pushing. a lot of republicans and conservative republicans say he is a -- is not speaking to their needs and wishes. >> this past week, my partner, who runs our truck leasing company, had a person on the phone with me from south carolina, conservative, telling me he wants to get in line to help christie if he runs. why? because christie demonstrated he can reach across. he got 0% -- 70% of the women vote, 70% of the latino vote. he tripled his votes among african-american from. >> but mitt romney won in the democratic state of massachusetts. >> he won as governor but lost as president. >> what does that mean if you do well in a blue state?
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>> the difference was mitt romney at that point in time reached across the aisle. he did it. but he did it after he got elected. but this guy here is demonstrating he can work 29 democratic mayors in new jersey endorsed this man. 29 dem -- this guy can get it done, and let me tell you something. what washington needs now is one strong leader. unfortunately -- >> how dooff know he is that guy? >> i'm watch doing. >> ow don't think it's ted cruz or rand paul. >> absolutely not. >> either of those guys got the nomination -- -- >> if we don't ghetto the senate we can't win. >> you think a governor is the way to go. >> i think by definition and by experience, go back and think about it. fdr, governor. reagan, governor. go back and look -- >> john kennedy, senator. >> well, i wouldn't -- >> not a fan of him.
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>> i wasn't fan but also not sure how things would have worked out. we know, for example, vietnam turned out to be a nightmare for us. >> fair enough. but do you buy this that -- something i get into with dick cheny tonight on fbn, if you don't get you should demand. he just hopes the party can avoid killing itself. do you think it can in. >> what i'm really bothered by these inherentanses of political positions. bothered by his daughter leaving virginia and going to wyoming and saying my name is cheney, and sam nunn is a good guy and i admire his life. we have to get away from legacies. >> you apply that to the bushes, the cheneys, anyone? >> look, the president's mother said, i think we have had enough bushes for a while. that's his mother. don't think -- >> talking about jeb bush.
1:40 pm
>> genes don't mean necessarily that you have a certain strand of gene that makes you particularly acceptable as a public official. >> i've known you for a good number of years, ken. very few people have worked you up or jazzed you to the degree that chris christie has, and i don't know what it is. >> he touches people. he connects. for example, he's not political like people -- remember the guy on the beach? he says to the guy on the beach, if you don't get your ass off i'm going to lock you up. >> you talked about your friend in south carolina. >> this man sid to me, please, when -- if he makes a decision to run, i want to be involve. i'm getting calls from all over america. people saying to me, when can we get involved in how can we help? look, look -- >> what do you think of tea partyers? >> i think they represented the frustration in america with both parties. both parties. not just the democratic party. both parties. look, the thing that tea parties have to understand, you can't
1:41 pm
govern if you don't get elected. so we lost a senate seat in colorado. we lost a senate seat in missouri. we lost a senate seat in delware. these were all winnable seats. and the tea party, by virtue of the primaries, took it all out. what-we accomplishing? nixon had i right. go to the right for the nominates and then quick to the center. we don't have that luxury because you're labeled what you say in the primary. >> what da you think republicans should stand for, the party of low taxes, lower regulations -- >> first they should be the party of full employment. if we can get everybody working or as many as we can, you'd be amazed how many of our problems with go away. >> how do you feel about a higher minimum wage. >> i have no trouble -- look, let me tell you how i feel. home depot has never hired one
1:42 pm
human being for minimum wage. not one. with've always paid a premium over minimum wage. why? because we felt we could afford it and we wanted the best people we could get. in the case of the fast-food industry, that model won't work for one reason. they're very aggressive on pricing, and when you start taking the margins out of the business, a lot of sweat equity -- >> ken, a lot of people don't see -- they see congress groom lats that make profit and don't see the franchise holders and there's an ignorance of business that you really can't argue because -- to argue -- >> that doesn't mean their position is right. >> i understand. >> they can't see it. >> do republicans look like they're elitist snobs or heartless? how would you tell them to argue that. >> let me back up. one thing i think you have to be realistic about is what you are
1:43 pm
and what you can be. when he shut the government down, we accomplished one thing with lost the gubernatorial race in virginia. that was our just desserts for shutting the government. do you crazy took us there but what was the exit strategy? nothing. we got nothing for effort. i'm optimistic because a lot of people are saying, you want our money, you think we're smart enough to make this money and you want it, but, guys, guess what, we bring a loot more to the party than fat wallets. >> taxes have to good up? >> if wouldn't have any problem with higher taxes if it reflected in deficit reduction or reflected itself in debt reduction. >> that wouldn't be your first point. >> my first point would be to get a spirited leader elected. the last thing is, look at detroit. it can happen everyplace else.
1:44 pm
>> speak your mind. when we come back, let's say that santa has nothing on these guys, which makes me think, after what i'm about to tell you, they should rebrand red suits for all these nsa guys.
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>> think that was santa? it was an nsa guy dressed as santa. now the judge is furious. wants to give them all a lump of legal coal. >> they deserve an indictment because it's a violation of state law, and federal law and a violation of the constitution. local police, seeing what the
1:48 pm
nsa is getting away with by capturing every text and e-mail and phone call and recording it and copying is, are now beginning to do the same thing. the have for $400,000 -- i'm going to tell you at the end of this segment where it came from -- bought a device that look like a cell tower and attracts cell phone calls to it. they set up that device wherever they want, and every cell phone call within whatever the distance is, 100 yards, quarter mile, half mile, is routed in there, and they record those cell phone conversations. >> the actual conversation. >> the actual conversation. they don't have a search warrant. they're doing this on their own in case we need to know who is making the phone calls. in case one of them is a bad guy. guess what. the fourth amendment says that in case is unconstitutional. that's not the way you fight crime. if you have a bad guy, you present evidence go to a judge, get a search warrant. you don't listen to innocent conversations of 100,000 people to fine one bad guy.
1:49 pm
>> dick cheney says be careful what you wish for. >> what kind of country would we have if the i the government watches every move. we learn this morning the fbi is hacking into computers with a camera and they can watch you in your home whether the computer is on or off. that is exactly what george orwell predicted in 1948. where is the $400,000 coming from? federal. stimulus money. which is supposed to stimulate the economy, not the local police. >> did you see the "time" man of the year, one is miley cyrus. another is ed snowden -- in my point -- this is popular somewhere, unpopular others -- edward snowden is an american hero for the personal courage to reveal the greatest organized
1:50 pm
plot to violate the fourth amendment in the history of the country. without him de. >> dick cheney says he is a traitor. file him on treason. >> dick cheney is of the view it doesn't matter how you keep people safe. i'm of the view the founders wanted safety within the confines of a constitution. constitution. >> all right. i'm put you on a maybe for snowden. and dick cheney just told me he would prefer, well, miley cyrus. hi, i'm terry and i have diabetic nerve pain.
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don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. ask your doctor about lyrica today. it's specific treatment for diabetic nerve pain. he had snowden, miley cirrus, the president of iran, some of the finalists for the time person of the year. not sitting well with former vice president dick cheney.
1:54 pm
he sat down for a special fox business network chat. >> did you know, mr. vice president, that hasan more anie has made the top ten finalists of the person of the year along with miley cyrus and kathleen sebelius. >> who was the first one? >> there were ten of them. on the list for potential "time "person of the year is miley cyrus, kathleen sebelius, ed snowden, hasan sherrod. >> i'm speechless. i think the "time" man of the year is a honor. when we designate somebody we know the editor -- that is a pretty cruddy list. >> so i take it you are not a miley cyrus fan?
1:55 pm
>> no. >> what do you think of edward snowden. >> i think he's a traitor. >> if he made it back to the united states, what do you think -- would you like to see them do. >> i think he should be tried as a trader. it is devastating what he's revealed to our enemies. >> how do you think president obama has handled the dust-up. >> which dust-up. he has a lot of them. >> it is difficult for you to say something good about the guy. what about the spy issue. >> the problem is he is not credible, and you had the unfortunate juxtaposition with the irs scandal, a government abuse of power and nsa is doing the nation's business and historically as far as i know to the extent i was involved and i haven't been since i left the white house, was was doing a superb job on behalf of
1:56 pm
americans, they weren't violating people's civil rights or privacy and it was a program carefully monitored and it is unfortunate the only person we have now to defend it is the president but nobody trusts him. he didn't know about the irs. >> do you believe that? >> i find it hard to believe. >> which is worse that he didn't know or he did know and he lied? >> i think the latter. i think -- i don't know how many times s you can say i didn't know about that. the president of the united states, on issues that big, on benghazi for example and the irs scandal, i think those are things that if he doesn't know about he has an incompetent staff or given instructions he doesn't want to know. but the idea he didn't know about what was going on strikes me as just not credible. >> all right. i'll have more of our special chat with former vice president dick cheney tonight at 8:00 p.m.
1:57 pm
you might be surprise who is impressing him in the early presidential sweepstakes. it is not necessarily a certain governor in the state of new jersey. who is and who isn't, his struggle right now, his daughters are fighting. all of that tonight on fbn. be there.
1:58 pm
1:59 pm
2:00 pm
hello, i'm kimberly guilfoyle and eric bolling, bob beckel, goeg gut feld and this is "the five." happy monday, everyone. at this point everyone knows the president lied to the american people when he promised you could keech your -- and -- keep your -- and your health care plan. one of the key obama care architects is saying, sure, you can keep your -- if you can afford it. >> it is a simple yes or no question. >> did he say if you like your -- you can -- your doctor, you can keep your doctor. >> yes. can you do that. this is a matter of choice.

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